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HeartCode BLS

HeartCode is a two-part program that blends self-directed, comprehensive e-learning via the Internet with a hands-on skills check off. 

Before you register for a HeartCode course, please be sure that your computer is compatible and able to launch the online course. Check compatibility now. 

All HeartCode programs consist of two phases.

Completion of Part 1 (online course) is mandatory before taking Part 2 (skills check-off), and you must take Part 2 within 60 days of completing Part 1.   Please keep this in mind as you register for one of the Part 2 events listed below.  Also please allow us up to one business day to process your registration and email the confirmation letter and instructions.

Description of Part 1  (1 hour)
Learners first complete an interactive, cognitive computer-based portion that includes adult/child and infant lessons, realistic patient micro-simulation scenarios, and access to the official AHA textbooks.

Description of Part 2  (30-60 minutes)
Part 2 is the skills verification with voice-assisted manikins required for the certification completion. To register for your skills check-off day, please select the appropriate course from the list below.  Part 2 must be completed within 60 days of the date you complete Part 1.  This is a come-and-go event during posted hours. 
Audience: Healthcare Professionals
Duration: 6.00 hour(s)
Registration Options:
Cost per person
$45.00 - Base Price
$60.00 - Base Price
There are currently no scheduled events. Please contact Education at 682-885-4170.